Current PhD Students:

I currently co-supervise

  • Matt Gardiner – Developmental and behavioural plasticity in a highly social primate species
  • Ashima Chadha – Notions of Respect in Higher Education

Recent PhD Students:

Recently, I have supervised students conducting field projects in South Africa and Indonesia:

  • James Waterman – Intergroup conflict in wild crested macaques

James Waterman Profile Photo2

  • Simon Stringer (2020) Seed dispersal in samango monkeys


  • Isabelle Szott (2020) Stress & coping strategies in savanna elephants


  • Ed Parker (2019) Behavioural ecology of samango monkeys


  • Harriet Thatcher (2019) Socio-ecology and anthropogenic disturbance in vervet monkeys


  • Samina Farooqi – Social relationships and social skills of young chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in captivity
  • Bino Majolo – Conflict management in wild Japanese macaques

Other Postgrads

I am and have been second supervisor for many postgraduate students and an Examiner for several PhD/MPhil candidates. I currently supervise several MSc research projects.


If you’re interested in working on any of my projects or a related theme, please get in touch by sending your CV and a cover letter to As ever, a main constraint is funding. Any funding opportunities will be advertised here when available, if nothing is posted you would need to self-fund or have a plan of where to apply for funding.mevervet